Dutch Oven Tips


Camp Cooking Tips and Tricks

Camping can be a great way to spend time with family and friends. Cooking food over the fire is one of the best ways to have fun at camp. The secret to delicious camping cooking is planning ahead, bringing all your spices, and prepping vegetables before you head out. Here are some tips for easy camping cooking!

1) Plan Ahead: …

Dutch Oven Frequently Asked Questions

Why would anyone want to cook with cast iron?

 If you ask Dutch oven cooks why they use cast iron, you will get different answers.  Some people like the historical aspect of cast iron cooking.  The pioneers and early explorers in this country prepared their meals in cast iron over a campfire.  Others like the outdoor-cooking aspect.  Cooking with cast …


The best results have been to  wash the new cast iron in hot, soapy water twice until you are sure the waxy coating is removed.  Heat the piece for 5 minutes to make sure it is dry of water.  Melt some solid Crisco in a small pan and apply it to the warm iron with a clean, lint free rag, or  good quality paper …


Cast Iron Dutch Oven Baking Temperature Chart

One of the most common questions we get after a new member gets a new Dutch Oven is how to achieve the desired cooking temperatures. There are a few things to consider

Number of Coals per Baking Temperature for Dutch Oven Cooking

  • Note: Second column is the # of coals on top/bottom

Aluminum Dutch Oven Temp Control

Different foods and dishes require different cooking temperatures. The following guide is for an aluminum dutch oven. Increase the number of briquettes by about one-fourth for a cast-iron oven. Actual temperatures will vary due to charcoal quality and weather. 

Desired Temp RangeTen-Inch OvenTwelve-Inch Oven
250-300 – Low8 on top/6 under10 on top/8 under
300-350 – Medium10 on